Silver Gelatin Print Service

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have an enlarger and a bunch of papers in my apartment.  I bought them because I wanted to print photos that I can frame.  Unfortunately, I have been lazy at getting prints made from my own negatives.

Now, I know lots of people are getting into film shooting, mostly using a hybrid process of developing and scanning.  Would anyone be interested in paying for, say, 8×10 silver gelatin prints from their negatives?  You have to handle the print yourself to appreciate how nice it is to have a physical object.

I haven’t really worked out the details, but I think it will involve you sending me your negative (half-frame, 35mm, or medium format, up to 6×6), and me making the print, and shipping both back to you.  I predict it will cost around 20 bucks to make a decent print (I have to make a test strip, work print, then a few iterations to fine-tune the exposures).  I don’t really mean for this to be a business.  I just want to make a smallish profit (but mostly to practice my darkroom skills) to keep my darkroom up and running.  So, if you are interested, leave a comment, send me an email ( and spread the word if you can?  Thanks!


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