As I mentioned before, I started out with a Canon Rebel XS, and later added a Canon SX110 IS to my gear.  Then it kinda went totally crazy after I got my first film SLR in Aug 2010 – a crazily overpriced (didn’t know better then) Pentax Spotmatic F with SMC Takumar 55mm f/1.8 lens.  Since then I have owned, at one point or another, each of the following cameras:

Mamiya M645 and RB67; Bronica ETRS, ETRSi, S2, S2A; Yashica Minister III, Electro 35 GSN, 124G TLR; Canon EOS 88, EOS A2E, EOS 3; Leica M2; FED 3; Voigtlander Bessa R; Olympus E-P2; Argus C3; and Polaroid Reporter, ProPack, OneStep and SX-70.

Of these cameras, those in active service are my Leica, Voigtlander, and Canon A2E.  I have sold half my medium format cameras, because it costs much more per frame, and also because they are simply not compact enough for my purposes.  But then again, I go through phases so who know?

A portion of the mess of cameras in my storage closet.

This is my current 35mm camera collection

My medium format camera collection


4 thoughts on “fotoGear”

  1. Do I see a canon 3000n in the 35mm collection? The look stunning btw, I’ve been dreaming of Diana

  2. Thank you for sharing, love this!!

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