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As you may know, I moved back to Singapore from Baltimore about 6 months ago. We’ve since moved into our new place, which has a good-sized storage closet. My wife has graciously allowed me to annex half of it to use as a darkroom, but now I have a problem. The room can either be light-tight and almost gas-tight, or not. There were two ventilation holes to the room, which should have been sufficient to get the air moving. Unfortunately, we had one sealed up for aesthetic purposes, leaving just one. Now the single ventilation hole gets almost no air in (it’s basically a dead-end, and nothing comes in or goes out), while allowing ample light from the living room into the closet. To make matters worse, the shelves that we have installed came with particle boards, that, unbeknownst to me beforehand, outgasses what appears to be formaldehyde, which reaches unbearable concentrations with the door shut. What I need now is some way to split the single ventilation hole in two, with an exhaust fan attached to one, and using the pressure generated to draw in fresh air. Does anyone have a way of doing this easily? IMG_1363