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Many months ago, I wrote about buying books over gear. I stand by those words. In fact, since that post, I have bought one camera (Ricoh GR Digital IV), and sold many (Kodak 8×10, Polaroid cameras, Olympus XA2s, etc). I’m still whittling down my collection, but in the meantime I have added many books to my collection. Before I talk about them in a future post, I just want to update that the Bruce Davidson three-volume collection, Outside Inside has finally arrived in my home after almost 18 months.

Bruce Davidson's Outside Inside, published by Steidl.

Bruce Davidson’s Outside Inside, published by Steidl.

Just to recap, the books were purchased in 2013, and sent to my sister’s home in Singapore. I had decided to buy them after loaning them from the Milton S. Eisenhower Library in Johns Hopkins University and absolutely loving them. It’s been difficult to arrange for them to be brought to my place, however, due to logistic complications. Now that they’re finally in my hands, I’m going to relish the chance to flip through this superlative collection. One thing I hadn’t fully grasped, though, was the sheer size of the books. They are so heavy that my shelves would probably not hold up. Good thing, then, that I had new shelves installed in the storage closet today! P.S. Part of the new shelving installation also serves as my darkroom. Stoked!