Man, it’s been a while! Sorry for the radio silence. Life’s been terribly busy, and I haven’t had time to even visit this page in the past few months, let alone write a post. But here I am now. I can just about predict that what follows this post will be another long hiatus, but let’s not think about that right now.

It’s Christmas Eve here in Singapore, and I have been busy unpacking our belongings from the US in our new apartment. Then I had to wait for a contractor to fix minor flaws on a floor tile in the evening (he failed), and thus miss the church Christmas event.

This is my first Christmas back in Singapore, and the wife and baby are out of town. I was just reading a New Yorker article on my Nook Tablet (remember those??!) and noticed that the WiFi had stopped working for some reason. As an aside, the WiFi woes seem to be a recurring theme for all my Android devices. Anyway, I checked in on the settings of my Nook and found the access point named “Bolt Bus”. That took me back to 2011, when I first got my Nook, and made a trip down to NYC alone on said bus service at Christmas time (my wife had returned to Singapore/Malaysia for family matters). Incidentally that was the trip when I first took to the New Yorker Magazine too (there was a one month free subscription)!

Once there, I picked up a keys to Vas’ place, dropped my stuff off, and met up with a whole bunch of friends from my church in Singapore who had travelled halfway round the world to visit NYC.  The trip also featured me being locked-out of the apartment one night, as well as some night time activity by another person who was also crashing at the place, and Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Pretty eventful. 🙂

Anyway, Happy Christmas everyone.