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Color film development has always been hard for me, because of the absence of a water temperature controller in my apartment. At the end of my time in Baltimore, I had only ever processed E6, which is arguably more difficult than C41. Although I had a whole C41 kit, I was always waiting to accumulate enough rolls of film to justify breaking open the chemicals. I regret that greatly, because in the end I had to get rid of the chemicals without even using them, when I had to leave Baltimore. Right now, I am unable to get any of the chemicals for processing color film and there is a good chance that these will go out of production before I am back in the US. It is a good thing, then, that there are still places to process film in Singapore. I was able to send some rolls for processing at Konota in Peninsula Plaza this past week, and although there were some scratches on the film base, they do not show up on the preliminary ‘scans’ (in quotes because my scanner is not back yet and I am just taking images and inverting them on the computer). They managed to process 6 rolls in less than 45 minutes, barely enough time for me to walk around town. Thank God for Konota! Hopefully they will continue processing for many more years!

P.S. They process both 120 and 135 film!