I recently left Baltimore and am permanently back in Singapore. Truth be told, the transition has been difficult. Not only do I have to deal with the extremely hot and humid weather that never lets up, I’m also super stressed about work, finishing up my papers from Hopkins, and my accommodations. Right now, the wife, baby and I are holed up in my childhood (teenage?) home in Woodlands. To say that we are a little short on space will be an understatement. Clearing up my old junk and putting them into storage is taking much more time and effort than expected, but we should soon have a semi-decent arrangement. I’ve also chanced upon some old stuff, including my old documents from my visits to Stanford and Baltimore. Still looking for a temporary place to live in, but in the meantime we are hoping to settle in as quickly as possible.

Needless to say, photography has taken a backseat these past few days – I have not carried a camera with me since coming back. Hopefully this will all change soon. I’m also missing Baltimore terribly. Isn’t it strange that I should say that? Never would have expected it six years ago!