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I have the following photography items for sale. Want to find them a good home where they will be cared for.

1. Kodak View Camera 8×10

Comes in a nice case with some wear on the padding inside. Also included are:

a. the extension rail,

b. 3 wooden film holders (1 has a 5×7 frame),

c. 1 original lens board,

d. 2 DIY lensboards, and

e. A Kodak/Baush & Lomb lens (~ 12inch focal length, f/8 maximum aperture, covers 8×10 comfortably, on a pneumatic shutter with speeds 1 to 1/100th seconds, B and T mode) mounted on one of the DIY lens boards.

The ground glass on this thing is new.  For its age (~100 years old) this thing is in astonishingly good shape. The finish is still pretty good, though there are scuffs and marks and dings. There was a slight crack on the rail that I’ve fixed with max strength wood glue. As long as you position the sliding block between the front rail and the camera body, you will not have any issues. I love this camera, but I cannot afford to ship it back or buy film for it where I am going. Asking 700 bucks OBO for the whole set.



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2. Omega 45E 4×5 camera

I’ll include 2 wooden film holders and two lens boards (Copal 0 and 1). I can also throw in a Polaroid 545 film holder though you’ll have to source for film yourself. I’ve written about issues with the bellows on this camera before, but I have fixed it. The details about the fix is here.

Asking 180 bucks for it. Does not include the Canon strap I use to carry the camera around.














I have many more items that I will put up for sale soon. Keep your eyes peeled!