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IMG_1524 IMG_1525I recently picked up a nice vintage item, Kaufmann’s Le Posographe (or The Exposure Graph).  If you are not aware, this is an elaborate, 6-variable exposure calculator.  It is certainly not an overstatement to call this a feat of engineering.  What is amazing is how the designer was able to couple 6-variables onto a single calculator, AND, as if that weren’t enough, the front and back sides are essentially two different calculators for indoors and outdoors! While a little stiff, this exposure meter is certainly in good functional condition.  A little oil loosens things up considerably. The copy I have is in English, which though more practical, seems to lose some of the charm of the original French version.

Since this English version is seemingly rare, I have scanned the front and back at high resolution, so that you can print them out, laminate them, and replace the French version.  Or just replace a damaged English version. Just print at 100% in Photoshop, or re-size the images to around 67.7mm by 121.8mm.  Use this link to get it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8ExGRsHnkL1ZEdfNl9qWkhGeFE/edit?usp=sharing