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Legendary musician Lou Reed passed away recently, and prompted a re-assessment of his artistic legacy.  Among which, his photographic journey was the most interesting to me.  You can see some of his work here.

Sony released the Playstation 4 console recently, and have been aggressively promoting the system with TV ads.  Being a fervent NFL fan, I am bombarded with up to 10 of these commercials each Sunday.  It so happens that a Lou Reed song is used in the commercial.

Over the weekend I watched Trainspotting for the first time.  It is an amazing movie featuring a gaunt Ewan McGregor, and well worth the 90 minutes spent.  Incidentally, there is a scene of his character OD-ing on heroin, during which the same song by reed comes on.

Now I can’t watch the PS4 spot without thinking about heroin addiction.