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I’ve known some of Bruce Davidson’s work, including his book, Subway, which shows the characters on the NYC subway system.  While that was a nice book, I really never quite took to his style. Until I flipped through (and eventually bought what is the most expensive book/collection I have ever purchased) his wonderful three-book series, Outside Inside. Without going into too many words or appearing fanboy-ish, going through this collection comes pretty close to a spiritual experience for me.  The reproduction is flawless, and the tones are luxurious.  The book is a joy to hold (yes, I said joy!).  The texture on the pages are tactilely wonderful – this is a Steidl book, after all. The only other book i have come across that comes even close is The Americansby Robert Frank, published by – you guessed it! – Steidl.  Books like these will no doubt retain their value well, especially when they go out of print.  Get them before that dreadful day arrives!

P.S. Wow. Too many exclamation points?