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High dynamic range (HDR) imaging gained traction in the photography world a few years ago, when some smart cookie realized that photoshop blending can be used to save not just the hackneyed sunset-by-the-beach category. but just about every other image as well.  Seeing the proliferation of such images on sharing sites like flickr, many a self-styled “photog” (SSP) decided that this will be “his thing”, dare I say, his style.  Soon he gets other SSP’s to like his photos, and before you know it, all of them are in a free-for-all back patting bonanza.  And guess what? Apple found out about it too and put it on their iPhone camera.  As for the SSP, it is so unique to him, he puts it on his portfolio.

Well, here’s my humble attempt to break this fad.  Remember those old, slightly cheesy paintings that used to come with your photo frame? Those Kinkade Classics, like these:

These are Kinkades. I think. Don’t they look just like HDR images? So…. Yepp. Dear clueless photographers, these are your photos.  Is that what you really want? You want to make Kinkades? Why?

Disclaimer: HDR has its place. It is the indiscriminate use that bothers me.  Also, some people like Kinkades. Not my cup of tea, though.