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As some of you may know, I like taking pictures with my Polaroid SX-70.  I have been using the color film from The Impossible Project, and it has been pretty hard to work with.  I often end up with over- or under-exposed images.  I suppose that is part of the fun.

A couple of days ago, I tried to take a routine photograph of the wife.  Of course, I managed to mess up the exposure completely, resulting in this:

The failed portrait of the wife.

At first I was disappointed.  Then I remembered a favorite (and somewhat dark) portrait of Bill Cosby (of all people!) taken by John Loengard of LIFE Magazine, and noticed how much this resembled that image.  I leave you with that image, and a post-processed version of the above.  What beautiful serendipity!

Portrait of Bill Cosby by John Loengard, for LIFE Magazine

My take on the backlit portrait, after some post-processing.