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In tennis, one is often asked to ‘hit through’ the tennis ball, not at it, just as a punter in rugby is supposed to kick through the ball to get the height he desires.  This is, to my mind, fairly similar to the way I shoot with a rangefinder – I shoot through the moment, rather than at it.

What do I mean by this?  Well, have you ever tried to capture a single moment (e.g. the point when a skateboarder goes airborne and reaches the peak of his trajectory) and found the darkening of the viewfinder on an SLR frustrating?  With a rangefinder, you can see the whole moment happen, and rather than predicting the climax, you can observe it.  I think this is a key to capturing the so-called (and cliched) decisive moment.  And trust me when I say it feels just as good as a perfectly-timed tennis swing-through!

Moment of Recognition