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A few weeks back I wrote about street photography, and how it is so atomized that it is practically impossible for good street photography to exist (since someone would by definition have to make that judgement call of what constitutes “good”).  Two days ago, I came across a video, called PressPausePlay, that captures the idea perfectly.  It’s pretty long, but I think we’d all learn something from it.

The focus of the video is on how technology has become so cheap, that the barriers to content creation have been practically eradicated.  One of the interviewees had an interesting idea that this could lead to a cultural “dark age”, which I have to say seems pretty likely to me.  The end game of this relentless democratization of art is not liberation, but cacophony, where the noise simply drowns out the real talent.  And as one of those “talentless” photographers, I am certainly adding to the problem.

Edit: And right after I posted this, I saw this video.  It’s almost as if everyone thinks he/she is an artist.  Perhaps it’s time for me to hang up my cameras?