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Recently, I’ve found myself using B&H Photo more than Adorama when purchasing film items.  I often find myself in need of small quantities of items, and the shipping rates for B&H is significantly better than Adorama.  That’s a pity, since I generally like the service that Adorama has provided.  I guess it’s good to spread the income around a little bit?

By the way, you may have noticed that I have picked up the pace of blogging recently.  I was starting to neglect the blog a little in the past few months, focusing instead on my tumblr.  But I find that WordPress is still the place to blog when lengthier posts are in order.  I certainly don’t want to lose the few followers I have (can I have an Amen from all three of you?! :D).  So here’s a shout-out to all of my WordPress friends.  I will be out of the US for a month starting next week, so posting will be sparse.  If any of you are in Paris or London, I’d love to meet up when I swing by in two weeks!  That will help me check an item off my “Things-to-do” list!