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I picked up a really nice, black Olympus OM-1MD (optional motor drive) with a supposedly terrible 50mm f/1.4 (which looks surprisingly good to me) on eBay for around 75 bucks. It is a very small camera, roughly as tall as my Leica M2, despite sporting a pentaprism hump. It is a much smaller camera than my Pentax Spotmatic (my erstwhile go-to manual film SLR) and yet has a much larger and brighter viewfinder. Now I know why the OM series has such ‘rabid’ fans!

The camera has a working meter, which is unfortunately slightly off (it underexposes slightly. Or overexposes. I can’t remember which), but will work in a pinch. The winding mechanism is buttery-smooth (not in a Leica-esque I-can’t-feel-the-gears way, but very nice nonetheless). The wind lever does this weird thing, whereby after winding the film, it can sometimes still be moved through the whole winding motion without engaging the gears. I stress the word ‘sometimes’, because it usually functions normally (i.e. like any other film camera, that has a built-in stop preventing motion after film winding). That’s probably just my camera though. You can’t win it all!

Here are some pictures I took with the camera.

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