Reading Mike Johnston’s recent post on TOP about street photography reminded me of how I came to the conclusion that good street photography may not exist at all.  Firstly, the genre, if it exists at all, has so many proponents, that there is certainly no one style that everyone loves.  Even worse, there are an almost infinite number of combinations of elements that may in one instance or another be considered to be part of street photography (e.g. “only pictures with people are real street photos”, or “anything shot in the street qualifies”, and even “anything that captures a candid/decisive moment can be considered street”, etc).  As if that weren’t enough, we have to take into account each person’s idea of beauty, which is truly diverse to begin with.  Taken together, it is not far-fetched to think that perhaps street photographs can only be broadly categorized into “Awful”, and “Good Enough”, with a large swath of in-betweens.  Good street photographs, as an absolute thing, may simply not exist at all.