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I’ve not had the best of luck with my Leica’s in the past few weeks.  First, I had dust on my M8 sensor so I tried to blow it off with a bulb.  Somehow, instead of making it better, the bulb introduced sticky residues onto the sensor. EGAD~! In the end, I had to order a Eclipse sensor swab and cleaning fluid to clean it up.  I was a little hesitant initially because it will involve mechanically removing the gunk, but I had little choice when photos come out like this:

Huge particles on the sensor

It helps that I saw this video of a Leica technician cleaning a sensor.  Man, she showed the sensor no mercy!! 😛  I did have to scrub the sensor pretty vigorously to get the gunk off (the two-pass method that is recommended will presumably only work for non-sticky particles).  I did manage to get the sensor cleaned without much incident, though at one point, while the methanol was evaporating, it seemed like I had made things worse!!

The 18-dollar kit that saved my M8

Then on Friday, I took my M2 out for a little shooting.  While resting in the Barnes & Noble, I had my camera sitting on the table.  As I got up to get a book, my foot caught the strap and sent the camera flying off the table! It landed on the lens hood, which was fortunate since it was an aluminium vented hood.  It was bent out of shape in the process and that helped to take the impact off the rest of the camera.  There was no damage to the rest of the camera, meter, lens, or even the filter I put on it.  Amazing!  Thanks cheap-ish China-made hood! I am getting me another one of these!

Killed in the line of duty!