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It seems the good folks at Leica have forgotten how to make cameras.  The name used to be associated with great cameras that last forever, that are intuitive, and that look beautiful.  Now it seems all it is interested in is making ‘Special’ editions for different markets.  See here, here, here and here.

Leica - A symbol of all that's wrong with the marketing in companies in our era.

Perhaps this is the nature of the digital world – A company that thrives on dependability and simplicity cannot hope to hold the attention of our ‘popcorn brain’ culture.  But it seems to me that Leica has been overrun by its own marketing department, more keen to cash in on the brand than to actually innovate.

Now, I love me some sweet Leica camera, but please, Leica, for goodness sake, get off your corporate bum and start innovating!