As I have mentioned multiple times on the blog, I think I really have too many cameras. So, I got to thinking, ‘Why not start a camera review series?’ The obvious reason is that there are a million websites out there with camera reviews. Sure, I can focus on older, slightly more esoteric cameras. But how else can I differentiate my series? And then it hit me — just because there are a million other sites with camera reviews doesn’t mean I cannot do one of my own. So here I will start a series called “Camera Distractions”. It will be updated sporadically and when I feel like it.

The three stooges of my camera collection.

In the meantime, I wonder if anyone knows of a good place to print custom notebooks? I need to be able to customize the pages inside the notebook, not just the cover. Maybe one or two different page designs, with a total of, say, a hundred pages?