Because in a physical world, there should be a physical manifestation of the images that we craft. The world is moving inexorably towards non-existence — the digital presence, or even telepresence, is merely a first step towards a loss of all identity.  Nothing can exist in two places at the same time.  This uniqueness can be inconvenient, but it should never be discarded.  The value of an object is in many ways its rarity.  Our prioritizing different appointments helps us order our world, and our values.  The ability to generate multiple “presence’s” serves only to commoditize our selves.  Enabling telepresence disables a part of us; it devalues us.  This is a philosophy, not just relevant for photography, but at the very core of who we are, what we are.

In the words of Mark Osterman, we are continually devaluing images, and have gone “from silver, to glass, to paper, to… what?“.  Nothing.

There is a lesson here for us.  I pray that we take heed.

Bike outside BN Saint Paul Street