Of course not.  But they do something better.  By being the perfect, beautiful mechanical wonders that they are, and by being incredibly unobtrusive, they become, as so many have aptly put it, an extension of your eye.  An amateur photographer always loves new features.  All the best in-camera HDR processing, cropping, conversions, art filters, HD videos, auto white balance, autofocus, auto-this and auto-that, and so much more.  These are what matters to an amateur photographer, because these things help the amateur do the things they don’t know how to.  They are a crutch that the inexperienced lean on, sometimes too heavily, to create passable images.

To the more advanced photographers, these things are nothing more than distractions.  In fact, they often get in the way of image-taking.  Have you ever noticed that pro-grade cameras almost always do not have the so-called scene modes?  Instead, the manufacturers put their money on more useful advancements, like improved ISO range and performance.  These things help photographers get previously ungrabbable images, not because they do not know how, but because the tools were limiting.

My beloved Leica M2 with light meter

This, then, is the secret to the Leica’s allure.  With nothing more than a shutter speed adjustment on the camera body, and focusing and aperture control on the lenses, they are about as simple as they come.  They don’t have a soul, but Leicas do a much greater thing – They allow your soul to speak.  And because of this, they have rightly been considered some of the best cameras in the world. Ever.