The Elusive Perfection
Now, we all know that perfection does not exist except in our mind.  Anything that we may put our hands into making, will be flawed because of our ineptitude, prejudices, naivety, and, in short, imperfection.  Each time I thought that I had achieved some goal in my photographic journey, I realize that all’s not as they seemed, and had to make the choice to either stay in the rut, or to find a new purpose.  Such is the pursuit of the elusive perfection, and the fact is that one never truly “arrives”.  As the old cliche goes, it’s the journey that really matters.

And journeyed I have.  There is something I am trying to achieve in all this, but I don’t quite know what it is, or indeed, what it will be.  It seems the end-goal is always changing, for better or worse.  One time, I thought that artificial lighting, with its ability to mold and sculpt the scene as it pleases, is the holy grail of my craft.  But then I grew tired of how predictable things were — Each picture was almost certain to be dramatic.  It was fun for a while, but can grow old quickly.

Next came my post-processing phase.  It was much easier to do than lighting, but achieves equally dramatic results. I asked myself, what in the world is this?  It scarcely resembles anything that one sees naturally.  And so I moved on to other pursuits.

Discovering film was great, in that I became acquainted with the masters of the art.  Knowing what others have shot before helps me understand a few things, which I will elaborate in future posts.  Suffice it to say that the purpose of my pictures became more about the subject and less about the technique.  I also began to think more about what makes a great picture.  Candid street portraiture is kinda my thing now.  But again, I am seeing the limitations of this approach.  Perhaps formal street portraiture will be in my future, but we will have to stay tuned to find out.

So, I guess this last post highlights the evolving nature of one’s photographic journey.  And it almost always works out this way.  One cannot know what he wants unless he tries to attain it.  In any case, I am excited to keep discovering the many facets of this art.