I just came back from a wedding reception.  As you might well know, a wedding is the perfect place to show off one’s gear.  And sure enough, people came with all the newest and fanciest cameras – Sony Nex-3/5, Canons, Nikons, and a slew of point and shoots.  I was tasked by the couple to take the video for the wedding, not because I was a proven videographer, but because I owned a tripod.

I was woefully ill-equipped for the job, armed only with a Nikon D5000 and a kit 55-200mm lens.  No IS, no video rigs, no lights, no panhead, no external mic.  It seemed the couple was not too concerned about the video, so I went ahead and shot for them.  I have a new-found respect for videographers – every single thing I tried to do (adjust focus, zoom, reposition) resulted in crazy shaking and vibrations.  I tried my best not to move the camera or even touch it, shooting the video at f/9.  But the lens was wayyyyyy too long for the room (~50 by 50 feet).  There was no way to take in the view (e.g. first dance) without moving the camera.  It was also incredibly difficult to control the exposure of the video.

At the end of the day, the videos came out reasonably well, except when I had to change any scene, at which point it basically became a jello-fest plus earthquake-like effect.  I don’t have quite as many crowd shots as I would have liked, since I was the only person taking in the video, and turning my lens away will also invariably turn the built-in mic away from the action.

I will attempt to put together some sort of a video at some point as a gift to the newly-weds, but I am knee deep (or should be) in the preparations for my exams to focus on that right now.