Clearly, the world is in no shortage of blogs in this digital world of ours.  So why bother?  Simply put, I have found a need to start writing – about work, life, God and in the case of this blog, mostly about photography.

Some introduction is in order.  I am an almost-30-year-old PhD student in the US, with a passion for photography.  In my attempts to capture the sights (and sometimes sounds) of the world, I have often thought to myself, “Gee, that was an interesting composition/thought/philosophical epiphany! Wouldn’t it be great if I had a blog to write it on?” Well, here it is.

I started my very first blog back when people asked what a blog is (A: it’s a web-log).  I used to write some on that blog but owing to neglect it has fallen into dis-repair.  Of late, I have found myself unable to communicate with people around me effectively.  I blame the excessive and passive activities of consuming entertainment and also the nature of my work (I work on my research projects alone most of the time).  I also blame the fact that, despite sharing a common spoken language, people here generally have meanings different from my own that they put into words.  I pride myself (or used to) in being able to express my ideas, so coming here, and facing the language barrier, and having to tread carefully and pronounce everything as perfectly as I can (we were not too stringent in pronunciation back home, e.g. slip vs sleep) has not been good for my confidence.

Enough of the sob-story.  Here’s to a new beginning! 🙂